Walking the line between chaos and control.

What’s in a name? “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” Shakespeare says, my name is TyLisa. I prefer Ty. Or “Jack of All Trades” because I am that, but I am first and foremost a human – experiencing. Next, I am a sophomore public relations student at the greatest Historically Black University in the land. 19 year-old revolutionary – blessed enough to have found my calling(s). I love the path I am on, and I am on a spiritual journey. I have learned recently that when you truly love what you do, you will never feel done, it truly doesn’t feel like work and it comes so naturally you’re normally thinking “is this really a job? Is this what I get paid to do?”
I hope the following facts help you understand how human I am: Coffee has run through my veins since 10th grade. I enjoy long walks through the city, enjoying the New York City smog, and cheap sushi. I like working and I like working hard. Everything that I am doing in my life right now, I love, and I am good at them. Much like Kanye West, I can not be boxed in or limited. My life consists of long nights and long words. I live by rule #2: never let them know your next move. I am an artist, adventurer, activist, serving my higher purpose. If you have not, it’s because you ask not, make your life what you want it to be – you have the power.
To my readers/subscribers/family members/friends/non-friends/loved ones in general – thank you, for caring about me enough and being curious enough to want to peek into my thoughts. I love you, all.

Tell me what you thought!

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